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From aviators to bikers, heroes to anti-heroes, leather jackets have been the perfect statement piece for generations. The perfect men’s leather jacket would be your long-term companion, aging gracefully as you do. Investing in a prime quality leather jacket requires careful thought, analysis and research. 

Stumble upon the wrong size, fit or quality and your leather jacket would be accumulating dust in your wardrobe. Choose the right piece and the world would stop and stare at your badass fashion sense. 

While leather jackets may be easy to style but they require heavy investment. For it’s a wardrobe staple that’s gonna survive you for generations, a masterpiece your grandkids would be wearing fifty years down the line. 

That’s why at Kara Hub we believe that investing in the perfect leather jacket is key to hitting all the right fashion notes. We have compiled below the most comprehensive leather jacket buying guide tips below! 

Choose your leather for the perfect leather jacket 

Choose your animal skin wisely 

Choosing the perfect animal skin is the first step in the leather jacket buying guide tips. If you want a luxurious Avant Garde look go for timeless exotic skins like crocodiles and alligators. For practical usage however cowhides work best. They are affordable, versatile and resistant to wear and tear.  

On the pricier side you have lambskin which is an elite favorite because of its soft, silky finish and hefty price tag. Calfskin is a compromise between lamb and cow. Perfect if you want a soft yet durable statement piece without making a dent on your pockets. 

Grading for the perfect leather quality assessment 

Experts have classified leather into its varied superior qualities based on a grain assessment. The price you pay for your jacket depends directly on the quality of its grain. Go for full grain leather and expect a hefty price tag of anywhere around $2000. Its leather that’s superior quality without buffing or sanding. However, expect blemishes and scars on this type of leather for its cured only with the hair removed, retaining the originality of the animal hide including its durability and absorption capacities. 

If you are not yet ready for such a serious commitment with leather but still want good quality go for top grain leather. It comes with a finished look and needs to be buffed for blemish removal. 

Other lower grade qualities include genuine leather and corrected grain leather. The latter is corrected with artificial grain to give that perfect unblemished finish. 

Finishing- Final touches to the leather product 

Based on your preferences, leather jackets can either be touched or untouched. Technically, referred to as aniline and semi-aniline finishing these imply to how the craftsmen have treated the leather. Aniline finishing means that the leather is largely untreated but also requires high maintenance. Semi-aniline finish prevents against water and sun damage and is treated for blemish removal. Most men’s brown leather jackets have a semi-aniline finish. 

Choose your leather jacket type 

From air combat to motorbike stunts, renegade street styling to perfect date night looks, leather jackets have adapted in style and in form. Bomber jackets are known because of their rib knit cuffs and hem that are ideal for wind blockage. It is cropped at the bottom to give you more mobility. Similar to the bomber jacket is the A2 flight jacket which is heavily insulated. What’s more it gives you enough room to wear a cardigan underneath. 

The schott perfecto or biker jackets are perfect for hitting the road. Providing you with that rugged protective look to race to your heart’s desire. It is adorned with zips, belts and straps to give you the perfect biker look. 

If you want a more versatile look opt for the fitted motor cross jacket that is streamlined to flatter any body stature. Careful however, this jacket does not give room for layering underneath. 

It’s all about the fit and stitching 

Size and fit: Any leather jacket buying guide tips is incomplete without stressing on its fit and stitching. The key to the perfect fit is that the leather should mould according to your frame. The size should be fit enough to flatter your body but wide enough to allow layering. Oversized leather jackets are always a no because they make you appear bulky with an unfinished look. 

Length: The length is also extremely important because it’s hard to alter once you’ve had it stitched. Choose a jacket that fits well near the waistline. It’s sleeves should also end near the wrists and any excess length be avoided. 

Stitching: Stitching is also key when it comes to leather jackets. Skilled craftsmen depend on fewer panels and fewer seams. Go for sturdy topstitching in German thread if you have a big budget. 

Colors and accessories: With newer colors dominating the market, you can choose the color that compliments your skin perfectly. Choose from a blend of blue to brown, yellow to red. But if you are unsure opt for the more traditional men’s black leather jackets. Accessories are also extremely important when it comes to completing your rowdy look. Go for premium quality heavy buttons and zipper. They don’t just look cool but would also be your jacket’s best friend. 

Interior matters just as much as exterior 

 Just as much as the exterior is important, the internal lining of your men’s leather jacket matters too. The perfect men’s black leather jackets don’t just look hot but are also comfortable and practical. The lining matters the most. A cotton lining works best in summers while a silk like viscose lining gives you an added luxurious feel along with breathability and comfort. 

Conclusion- A final word before you buy your first jacket 

A leather jacket can be a versatile style staple. While price points may vary, be sure that you go with a clear mind and know exactly the styles, materials and quality your heart craves. Finding the best places to buy leather jacket can be hard especially if you are a newbie to the world of leather. But if you want a premium high quality affordable leather jackets start at our website and find your perfect fit. 

By Kara Hub


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