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Wanted a date night look and instead ended up looking like a punkstar? 

Styling a leather jacket can be a fashion quandary for many. Do it the right way and you have your hero look sorted. But any outfit mismatch and you would leave the wrong impression. For many of us, our fashion choices exhibit who we are, what we represent and what we stand for. 

With leather jackets, dressing up or down is relatively an easier feat, a feat that is a debacle for many. The versatility of leather jackets make it a fashion staple. Over the years, Hollywood celebrities have broken down our fashion choices for us. 

From pilots during WWII to actors like Marlon Brando, leather jackets have been in vogue since over a century. And they show no signs of disappearing soon. 

Whether you newly purchased a leather jacket or simply want to revamp your look with an existing jacket at home, these leather jacket styling tips will suit every man’s taste. 

Styling A Leather Jacket Involves Baby Steps: 

Before learning leather jacket men’s style, it is crucial to do a preliminary assessment. With leather, generally, less is more. The way you will ultimately style yourself depends on two crucial questions. 

Design On The Look You Need-Only An Abstract Idea Would Suffice 

The first query one should sort out before embarking on a leather styling spree is what look are you going for. Generally, having an abstract idea would suffice. As with any styling handbook, knowing who your spectators will be is the cornerstone to producing the perfect look. We suggest prior thinking before you choose your look. 

Whether you are going to meet a girlfriend or a boss, whether you are going out with friends or family, what type of vibe are you aiming to achieve, one should have this on your fingertips. Even choosing the time of the day you are going out is imperative for that timeless look as it directly impacts the colors you wear. 

Already Have One Or Need To Go Buy One 

Another thing to sort out before styling a leather jacket, is whether you need a mall spree or not. Generally, with leather jackets, already having one in your wardrobe is sufficient. However as you’ll read below, there are certain silhouettes that adapt perfectly for special occasions. But knowing what to do beforehand will save you a lot of precious time and energy. 

Shoot Your Shot 

Now that you have your abstract style guide sorted in your head, it’s time to nitpick the style and design you exactly want. We suggest choosing a look that best matches your vibe. Go bold and be a little creative! 

Low Maintenance Biker Grunge 

For years, thanks to 90’s celebrity stylists, leather has been synonymous with grunge. The perfect grunge rockstars, grunge men and grunge girls all donned black, minimalistic leather jackets that were and are still in vogue.  

If you want a low maintenance look that screams fashion without reflecting that you spent hours infront of the mirror go for this look. Ideal for a night out with friends or even a go-karting evening, just don a biker jacket with a pair of ripped denim and you are good to go. The best thing about this look is that you don’t have to put any thought in what you are wearing beneath the jacket. Any dark t-shirt would suffice. The biker jacket is cropped and can be zipped up for a carefree yet sophisticated look. For an extra grunge look pair it up with chunky jewelry or opt for a printed biker jacket and you’ll make heads turn. 

This grunge look guide works well for women too and can be complete with our leather jacket for women collection. 

Bomber Jacket For Low Maintenance Streetstyle 

While the biker grunge look is best for sculpted men, replacing the biker jacket with a bomber jacket works perfectly for leaner frames. The bomber jacket comes with rib-knit cuffs and hems which give it an ideal street charm.  Although made originally for pilots, this jacket can be worn in striking hues of orange and neon to have a trending and bold street wear look. 

The style looks best zipped up or down. But make sure to pair your jacket with T-shirts or cardigans that compliment the color of your jacket. We suggest plain and neutral shades like black or white preferably with a V-neckline to complete the look. 

Racer, Field And Flight Jackets For A Prim, Proper And Preppy Look 

This look works best no matter where you go. Its classy enough to be formal and minimalistic enough to be streetwear. The best of both worlds, if you own a racer jacket, rest assured you can style it any way you want. Whether you are heading out for a date or want a daytime office look, these leather jacket styling tips are perfect for you. 

For a date night contrasting a black cafe racer jacket with minimal embellishments, zippers and logos works best. Just be sure to avoid denim as it would give you an informal look. However, for office we suggest getting your hands on brown leather.  

A brown leather for men can be styled with neutral cardigans and chinos. Complete the look with formal shoes and you have your winter office look complete. 


Leather can be styled in a myriad ways. Fabrics and colors can be mixed and matched to achieve thousands of leather jacket men’s style. While fashion trends are ever evolving, a leather look that suits you best will forever be in vogue. This guide is a basic handbook for a leather newbie to acquaint you with the different types of leather jackets and the look they best work for. Whatever, the case is, learning what suits you is key to achieving a fashionable look. 

By Sohail Sultan Ali


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