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The ideal men’s leather jackets have an unnatural kind of attraction. The leather somehow reflects the charm, confidence, boldness, daring, and buoyancy everything at a time.   

There was a period when these leather jackets were only worn by the boys who were in sports, racing, the army, and fields. However, these leather jackets then gradually become more popular and common for people for casual wear. And slowly it becomes a fashion icon.  Professionals have upgraded these leather jacket styles into simpler and iconic designs. Leather jackets now have become more common and casual for everyone. Still, no matter how common they are, it becomes timeless fashion icon. The versatility of these leather jackets cannot be taken for granted.   

Kara Hub has a variety of leather jackets and leather garments. The individuals who are aware of the leather but they know nothing about the kind and variety of leather jackets. It is so crucial to know about the kind of leather you are about to purchase whether or it seems not so important. In this article, you will get the top 10 best leather jacket styles and types of leather jackets. The variety of leather jackets is about discovering new styles and new forms of jackets.  

The characteristics and advantages provided by naturally made leather are not available in any other materials. It is quite traditional and very popular and available in many different styles and types of leather. Leather jackets are categorized as the top trending fashion in accessories and garments. They also have a distinguished odor and are available in many options to suit different kinds of designs and wardrobe outfits. In this Blog, you will get the various styles in 10 different types of leather jackets, which may help you to choose your leather jackets in the future.  

Top 10 Leather Jacket Types


1. Bomber Leather Jacket 

This style of leather bomber jacket is a very traditional and classic style that was mostly used by aviators. This type of leather jacket is popular for its long-lasting nature and warmth. It is known as a casual jacket in a decent style, made of leather which provides durability and toughness. Leather bomber jackets are available to both gender males and females. You can have a vast option for zipped closures, buttons, or including both. Various leather jackets also come with a choice of leather collar neck. These styles and types of leather jackets are the fashion trend that can be followed by everyone irrespective of their age.  

2. Biker and Motorcyclist Leather Jacket 

The biker and motorcyclist leather jacket are also named a moto leather jacket. This type of leather jacket is the trendiest style of leather jacket and is popular for its different and unique style. You can have this biker leather jacket in a huge range of variant colors and designs. These biker leather jackets are commonly made from thick and air-pressure and water-resistant leather material. The common purpose of these leather is to avoid rain and harsh weather conditions and to keep the body temperature warm and consistent. The thickness of leather offers protection and comfortable wear to bikers from highway rashness during the misshapen and uncertainty. Biker jackets come in different colors and styles however the popular color of them is Black.  

3. Varsity Leather Jackets 

This style of leather jacket is taken from the classic trending style. They become popular from there because of their style and design. Varsity leather jackets are also known as collarless leather jackets. This fashion icon is inspired by vests jackets. Gradually, it becomes the most common and demanding style of the jacket not only among men but also among women. The bottom-up in the front and the no collars give them a unique fashion. The varsity leather jacket styles are commonly made from calfskins as it is the most warming material, usually contains on the side where the jacket directly contact with the body.  

4. Suede Leather Jacket 

Kara Hub understands how much suede leather jackets are popular in the existing fashion of street leather jacket outfits. They are designed with a patchwork variety; the suede leather is quite smooth and comfortable. According to its name, this leather is processed and dyed in a way that seems to appear genuine leather. The texture of this leather is commonly between different shades of brown. Suede leather in men’s jacket style has a unique and aesthetic depiction usually. Most commonly, these leather jackets are made from the material of polyester fibers which becomes smooth and soft over the process. However, it is mostly polyester fiber contain and is ecofriendly to appear as faux leather.   

5. Hooded Leather Jacket 

The hooded leather jacket style is the kind of leather jacket with a hood, it is usually designed with four pockets on the front side to keep the tiny and important items in it, and because of this purpose, and these leather jackets are popular for hand warmth also. They also have a wide range of colors with warmth and flexibility.  

6. Café Racer Leather Jacket 

These leather jackets are quite popular for racing and sports purpose for bikers. It is desirable for motorcyclists and racers because of the thin leather that gives freestyle for moves. These leather jackets are zipped with stabbed collar buttons. They have also known as men’s café racer jackets since most café racer riders wear these best leather jackets to ride.   

7. Leather Trench Coat 

The trenched leather coat is a highly fashionable leather jacket style for men which protects it from the harsh environment to give it a long life. They are usually long and go down to the knees. It is quite popular and very common among women who wear skirts and shorter dresses, they wear this long leather trench coat for covering their naked legs.  

8. Leather Shearling Jacket 

These leather jackets are commonly for fashion prom walks. However, they are also very popular among people who like to do fashionable clothing. The name of this leather jacket style for men is a Shearling Leather Jacket because it is an inner line of shearling fur. It is a very comfortable style of jacket mostly worn in very extreme cold weather. These shearling leather jackets are often made from lambskin with fur attached. They are very smooth and cozy, the fur is the reason that it is one of the most expensive leathers.  

9. Leather Blazer

The blazer type of leather jacket is a very classic and dress type of leather jacket that usually wear by men and women in a business environment. They are very warm and comfortable jackets with the availability of both single and double-button closures.   

10. Denim Jackets 

Denim leather jacket styles for men are popular among men. The leather contains in this jacket is very strong and durable having front button closures and collars in shirt style. They are simple and casual jackets that can be worn with normal casual jeans and any attire.  


The above types of leather jackets might build your interest in leather jacket attires and outfits. For this purpose, you may need to look at the leather jackets styling tips.  

FAQs About Types Of Leather Jackets

  • What type of leather is top trending?¬†

Genuine leather jacket styles for men are light and thin than other full-grain and top-grain leather and they can be used almost in everything from leather accessories to leather bags to leather jackets.   

  • Are leather jackets existing in current fashion?¬†

The leather jacket is still very popular and almost everywhere in 2022 leather jackets style for men. From huge leather jackets to leather boots and leather accessories, leather can be found in every aspect of fashion.  

  • Which color of leather jacket suits men?¬†

Leather jackets are available in a variety of colors in the market. However, the classic and most trendy color for men's jacket style is black and brown. If you are the one who is about to shop for a leather jacket for the first time then go for a black or brown color.   

  • How to know if the quality of the leather is good or not?¬†

If the quality of the leather is good then it feels so smooth and soft to the touch with no roughness. It will not fill with so stiff and dry texture. The good quality leather jacket style for men can easily bend without any hardness. And otherwise, any other indications or the absence of the above-mentioned qualities can result in the bad quality of leather.  

  • What is the normal thickness of the leather jacket?¬†

While purchasing men leather jackets you should consider the thickness of the leather jacket along with other things. For getting maximum protection from leather, the thickness of the leather jacket should be more than 1 mm.   

By Sohail Sultan Ali


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