Wednesday 2022 Jackets And Coats Collection

Explore the mysterious grunge narrative of Wednesday Addams and channel her dark and witty personality by imitating her immaculate sense of style via these Wednesday clothing! 

Nearly, everyone has watched the cult-favorite Netflix show and fallen head over heels for its compelling narratives and grunge aesthetics. For those of you who stll don’t know, "Wednesday" is a new Netflix series that explores the coming-of-age story of Wednesday Addams, who is the beloved character from "The Addams Family" franchise. With a dark and witty tone, the show delves into Wednesday's attempts to solve a supernatural mystery while navigating the challenges of being a teenager. 

The series begins with Wednesday enrolling in Nevermore Academy, a mysterious boarding academy where she's the only" normal" pupil among a group of peculiar and supernatural classmates. As she navigates the challenges of fitting in, she begins to uncover a dark and dangerous riddle that threatens the academy and its scholars.

As the story unfolds, observers are taken on a thrilling trip filled with supernatural powers, dark secrets, and unanticipated twists and turns. Through it all, Wednesday must use her head, her courage, and her unconventional approach to problem-solving to save the day and crop as a important force in her own right. 

You'll love" Wednesday" for its unique mix of horror, comedy, and drama, as well as its fresh take on a cherished character. suckers of Wednesday Addams do n’t just appreciate her unconventional and unapologetic personality, but also her unique fashion sense as seen by the outfits worn by Wednesday Addams on Netflix.  

Wednesday's fashion aesthetic is characterized by her love for all things black and gothic. She is often seen wearing a black dress with a white collar, which has become an iconic look that many people associate with her. Wednesday Addams Outfits are both classic and edgy, combining elements of Victorian and punk fashion. Overall, her fashion choices reflect her personality: dark, mysterious, and unapologetically individualistic. 

Grunge but High-Quality

If you are looking for the ideal Wednesday outfit then this is the right place to be. Shop our collection of high-quality grunge and dark leather clothes for women. Our selection of Wednesday clothes features edgy and unique pieces that are perfect for those who want to add a touch of darkness to their wardrobe. From leather jackets in all colors and sizes to leather overcoats, our clothes are made with the highest quality materials and designed to last. Whether you're a fan of punk, goth, or alternative fashion, our collection has something for everyone who loves to embrace the darker side of style.  

These Wednesday Addams clothes don’t just look great with a 100% focus on screen accuracy but they also feel great. Every piece has been crafted with a lengthy thought process behind it. From the cruelty free sourcing of material to its expert silhouettes and seamless stitching, we can guarantee you a sexy Wednesday Addams jacket that will keep you yearning for more.  

Our jackets also place a heavy emphasis on comfort and warmth, so while real genuine leather is undoubtedly warm, especially during the cooler season, it is the internal viscose lining of any Wednesday jacket that truly makes it a treat to have! Shop till you drop with our Wednesday Collection that will leave your fashion tastebuds satiated.

Channel your inner Wednesday Inspired Outfits

If you want to construct the perfect Wednesday Addams outfit then we’d suggest you elevate your looks with these trendy pieces. 

Wednesday 2022 Enid Sinclair Blue Blazer Costume

Wednesday Addams did not just wear black throughout the season. Indeed this shocking blue and black striped blazer has a separate fan following of its own. Complete with the sexy school logo across te front, this coat screams grunge. Pair it with a black mock neck and skinny-fit pants, to truly stand out. Wer knee-high chunky leather boots to truly make a statement. 

Due to its super-trending colors and very minimalist design, this jacket will be one of your favorite  Wednesday Netflix outfits. 

Wednesday Addams Black Jacket

If you still want to keep everything black and dark and mysterious, opt for this black cropped jacket that can be used to make a fashion capsule collection. It is a timeless piece that will go along with all sorts of individual fashion aesthetics. Whether you pair it with all-black clothes or leave a bit of color for a sweetheart look, this jacket can be worn over shirts and cardigans, and dresses alike.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wednesday Outfits

Why is Wednesday called Wednesday?  

The popular show "Wednesday" gets its name from the show’s main lead character Wednesday Addams who happens to be part of the "The Addams Family" franchise. She plays the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams and fans love her for her earie and mysterious personality. By naming the show after Wednesday, the creators offer tribute to the iconic character and highlight her importance as the protagonist of the series. One may also consider, that the shows name be taken literally ie Wednesday which has a strong association with the concept of the middle of the week, which adds to the grunnge and mysterious tone of the show. 

Is Wednesday Adams Goth?  

Yes, Wednesday Addams is goth as evidenced by her dark and macabre personality and her love for all things black. She shares a dark fashion aesthetic that matches with characters typically called gothic. Her fashion choices, which often feature black dresses, collars, and tights, are also typically associated with gothic fashion. Wednesday's unconventional and unapologetic personality, combined with her unique Wednesday Addams outfit, has made her an icon for those who want to imitate her grunge aesthetic. 

What is Wednesday Addam’s dress called?  

 There is no special name for the Dresses Wednesday Addams' wears. However, certain silhouettes associated with such dresses are often called  "Peter Pan" collar dress or simply a "collar dress" which is the highlight of the dresses worn by her. The dress is typically black with a white collar and cuffs, and is often styled with black tights or knee-high socks and black shoes.

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Wednesday Addams Sweater Vest

Product Specification Material: Knitted Wool Collar: Rib Knitted V-Neck Closure: Pullover Closure Sleeves: Cap Sleeves Color: Black and White
$195.00 $69.97

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Addams Oversized Hoodie

Product Specification Material: Fleece Internal: Plain Lining Collar: Hooded Collar Closure: Zipper Closure Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeves Cuffs: Rib Knitted Cuffs Color: Black
$195.00 $78.97

Wednesday Addams Bomber Jacket

Product Specification Material: Cotton Internal: Plain Lining Collar: Rib Knitted Collar Closure: Zipper Closure Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeves Cuffs: Rib Knitted Cuffs Color: Black
$195.00 $99.97

Wednesday 2022 Enid Sinclair Pink Shearling Jacket

Product Specification Material: Faux Fur Internal: Plain Lining Collar: Lapel Style Collar Closure: Button Style Closure Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeves Pockets: Two Inside Cuffs: Open Hem Cuffs Color: Pink
$195.00 $149.97

Wednesday Enid Sinclair Pink Coat

Product Specification Material: Wool Blend Internal: Plain Lining Collar: Notch Lapel Collar Closure: Button Style Closure Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeves Pockets: Two Chest, Two Flap Waist Pockets Cuffs: Open Hem Cuffs Color: Pink...
$195.00 $149.97

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Addams Trench Coat

Product Specification Material: Wool Blend Internal: Plain Lining Collar: Notched Lapel Collar Closure: Double Breasted Button Closure Sleeves: Long Sleeves Cuffs: Buttoned Cuffs Color: Black
$195.00 $149.97

Wednesday Addams Black Jacket

Product Specification Material: Real Leather / Faux Leather Inner: Viscose Lining Front: Button Closure Collar: Shirt Style Collar Cuffs: Butten Cuffs Pocket: Four Outside Color: Black
$195.00 $119.97

Wednesday 2022 Enid Sinclair Blue Blazer Costume

Product Specification: Material: Suiting Fabric Internal: Soft Viscose Lining Front: Button Closure Collar: Lapel Style Collar Cuffs: Open Hem Cuffs Sleeves: Full-Length Color: Blue Pockets:  Two Waist and One Inner...
$195.00 $124.97